Mad Options was started with one singular focus: bringing financial literacy to everyone's fingertips. We provide education and alerts to help you learn valuable skills that build long term wealth.

We leverage a combination of stocks & options to consistently beat the market every single year. For the past two decades, we have never once fallen shy of this goal.


Stock Options: Everything You Need to Know

A course for the beginners. We'll cover the basics about what options are, how they're priced, and what they're most commonly used for. Additionally, we'll provide a handful of common strategies that are employed by millions of traders across the globe using options in the market.

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Stock & Options Alert Service

Alerts for anyone looking for guidance. We trade a mixture of stocks & options, with the goal to leverage the instrument that offers lower risk and higher reward at any given moment. Our alerts have been benefitting our customers for the past 5 years.

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  • Long-Term Investors & Traders

    We always provide stocks to trade & own on a long term basis within the hottest sectors in any given market. This year, it has been all about AI.

  • Swing Traders (Shorter Term)

    We provide strategies for anyone who enjoys short to medium term trading with risk mitigation plans. This involves taking small risk for LARGE gains.

  • Traders Who Want A New Income Stream

    Our strategies involve creative strategies that allow you to profit - and derive additional income - consistently in ANY market.

Learn Strategies That Last You A Lifetime

The strategies we teach will last you a lifetime. They are not dependent on a particular market condition, economy, etc. These are timeless strategies that have worked for decades before and decades to come.

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