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Learn How to trade options & GROW Your Wealth with REAL proven strategies

You know about the Stock Market but just never ventured into the Options Trading Land

You’ve probably stumbled upon a few screenshots demonstrating the incredible profit-making potential of Options Trading, but never really understood how any of this works. Perhaps you're also a bit extra cautious in light of this recent market downturn, where the majority of stock market portfolios are down big.

We devised a proprietary program just for you that breaks down the process of Trading Options from ground up. This involves market analysis, various options trading strategies, and risk-mitigation plans for each. Each of our strategies have been rigorously screened and back-tested with historic market data - so we really are the best out there.

who these strategies can benefit:

Long-Term Investors & Traders

Our program includes strategies to insure your existing positions and rigorously defend any downside pressure for your portfolio.

Swing Traders (Shorter Term)

We provide strategies for anyone who enjoys short to medium term trading with risk mitigation plans. This involves taking small risk for LARGE gains.

Traders Who Want a New Income Stream

Our strategies involve creative strategies that allow you to profit - and derive additional income - consistently in ANY market.

Start deploying our strategies with just 5-10% of your capital and you will start to see your overall returns increase exponentially over long periods of time. We are teaching you a lifelong skill.

What Types of Returns are Possible?

Once you indulge in the world of options and master a few strategies, your upside is limitless. Of course, the type of returns that you generate year-to-year is dependent on the type of price action that the market gives us. However, we have outlined a series of tactics to help assist when to become more aggressive in the current market environment versus when to scale back and wait for better opportunities. These help differentiate highly profitable traders from those that struggle to make money.

Here you can see a list of returns generated by ourselves and our clients. While you should pay less attention to the actual dollar amount of these gains, look more closely at the percentages. Regardless of what account size you start off with, these strategies can help you.


Options Trading Course: Options Ironshell™

Course Overview

Our options trading course is created for traders who want to understand the ins and outs of options trading and deploy multiple strategies to enhance their portfolio returns - regardless of where the market goes.

We provide a healthy mixture of high-probability plays that provide steady income in conjunction with speculative plays that can give you that once-in-a-lifetime lottery win with minimal risk. The key with being a successful trader is understanding when the best time is to deploy a particular strategy, and this is something we put a strong emphasis on conveying to our students. If you want to be the best at this trade, you cannot make the same mistakes that 99% of other traders are making.

Snippet of some powerful strategies you'll learn in this course:

Strategies 1 & 2: Buying Calls and Buying Puts via Directional Trading

Learn how to read the market sentiment and profit when the market direction is crystal clear (as it often is) and make steady profits following the trend with simple puts and calls.

Strategy 3 & 4: Selling Calls and Selling Puts 

Learn strategies where you can earn consistent income off your portfolio by using your positions and free cash as collateral and boost your returns by 10-20% per year with minimal stress.

Strategy 5: Leveraging Puts as a Hedge

Understand when to get defensive and protect your portfolio against large drawdowns using some very simple indicators that consistently help detect bear markets well before they occur.

Strategy 6 & 7: Credit Spreads

Start with as little as $50 to use as starting collateral and learn how to grow this 5-20% week over week with high probability trades.

Strategies 8: Selling Covered Calls

Learn a powerful method that allows you to reduce your cost basis on a stock and pay it down during the right market conditions - ultimately to own the stock Risk-FREE.

Strategy 9: Lotto Plays

Understand when the best time is to strike a "lotto" - a play where you take a very small amount of capital with the goal of growing it 20x-100x+ - sometimes as quickly as overnight.

Strategy 10: Bonus Strategy

Learn one of our favorite strategies that we deploy year-round to earn consistent cash flow on a particular company that we like.

Learn Strategies that last you a lifetime

The strategies we teach will last you a lifetime. They are not dependent on a particular market condition, economy, etc. These are timeless strategies that have worked for decades before and decades to come.

Even in bear markets and sideways markets, there is always room to make money with a winning strategy. Once you immerse yourself into some of the possibilities that can come out of trading options, you will never look back.

The strategies we teach can be used on accounts of any size. We've witnessed numerous members in our community take very small accounts and slowly grown them into small fortunes. It just requires patience and discipline. 

Infinite Returns on Finite Risk

We always seek the best trading opportunities in the market. Our goal is to maximize reward potential while minimizing risk when we trade.

Technical Trades Based on Charts

Our trades are all backed by charts. As part of this course, we provide basic Technical Analysis training to help you understand the charts we see.

Spend Less than One Hour Per Week

With our strategies, you will not have to stare at charts for 6+ hours per day. We suggest a mere ten or twenty minutes per day, mainly around market open and market close.

Bonus Strategy as a Gift

We provide a bonus strategy at the end of our course that is rarely ever used or talked about in the options world. This is our gift to our early customers.

a one-time investment with a lifetime of knowledge 

Stock Options: Everything You Need to Know


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