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Dave Trader

Dave has been trading options for over a decade. He spent several years of trial and error sorting through a countless array of strategies in the stock market, only to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars. When he came across options, he initially found a lot of instant success, but that was followed by some big losses because he did not have a well-defined strategy. He then went on to develop multiple models, assess historical data, and create computer programs to ultimately craft a method that leveraged the probability of winning in his favor. Since then, he's had consistent success.

Options are intrinsically designed with a clear statistical advantage in favor of one party, at the expense of the counter-party. The key is to consistently land on the correct side of the table, which Dave has done over the past decade for several years with over a 90% success rate.

Dave has surrounded himself with some of the best mentors and trading partners in the entire industry. His strategy gets refined each and every year, which only helps boost his success rate.

This is not a get rich quick scheme, but rather a careful and methodical approach to trading with leverage and slowly increasing your wealth over time.