Commonly Asked Questions

We stick to the rule that more trading exposes you to more risk and increases the probability of an unnecessary loss. We trade roughly 5-10 times per week, depending on the opportunities that are present in the current market environment. We only stick to the best opportunities that we have conviction on.

No. Our service is beginner friendly and requires no prior experience trading stocks or options. We provide our members with basic options trading education content upon request, but even that is not required. We believe the best way to learn a strategy is by observing and practicing it.

Our brokerage of choice for options trading is Tastyworks. For charting, we recommend TD Ameritrade's Thinkorswim platform

Nobody can ever promise you a minimum percent gain per month. If they do, they are 100% scamming you or lying. The truth is, you never know how or what the market will give you. Based on our historical average performance, we typically net between 3-8% per month. Remember that a 6% gain over 12 months compounded will roughly double your money each year. Even 3% per month is better than 99% of all hedge funds in existence. It doesn't get much better than this.

We utilize WhatsApp to administer our alerts. We have a broadcast group and you’ll receive alerts just like a text message.

Yes. For our trading accounts, we leverage portfolio margin. This is a highly efficient level of margin that allows us to scale our strategy up with capital efficiency. However, we never utilize more than 60% of our available buying power at any given time. Margin use is also completely optional on your end. If you don't feel comfortable enabling margin on your account, you can still participate in most of our trades with a slightly altered structure.

Absolutely not. You're free to cancel whenever you'd like with no penalty.

No. The information we provide is not professional financial advice. They are simply our opinions drawn from experience. We are not responsible for any transactions you choose to engage in; please do your own due diligence first!